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Swami Udit Chaithanyaji has been teaching the messages of Srimad Bhagavatham, Bhagavad Geeta, Narayaneeyam, Ramayanam and other Holy Scriptures to thousands of people in India and abroad. Swamiji is the founder of Bhagavatham village, a spiritual retreat home to provide an environment where we can study and practise the message embedded in our Scriptures which is relevant in our life, and thus experience the divine energy in us.

Swamiji's Quotes

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 It was our sages who wished “Asatoma Sat Gamaya”….. Today, as we approach every New Year, we hear, “May the New Year bring you………” But in 2018, let us think what we can contribute to this New Year. 2018 has a two in the beginning and an eighteen in the end. “18” is an age of MATURITY. And there are “2” aspects to our existence- WE and OUR WORLD. We live in a that world that constantly gives us challenges(asat). It forces us into agony. It shakes our trust, gives us tears, forces us to complain or withdraw and wish we could be away from it all…… But are we able to move from the agony to boldness or face the challenges with a smiling face(sat)? Are we able to be love and radiance always? That is maturity, and what the 18 would denote. We have the option of two kinds of thoughts/ actions in the face of any problem. From an emotional mind and from an intelligent mind. Let the Guruparampara guide us to resort to Intelligence always….. Let that be our contribution to 2018 rather than asking the New Year to be good and give us…….Wishing all our beloved people a very MATURE 2018 filled with SAT. Let truth be your guiding principle in thoughts, words and deeds……..Stay immensely blessed.